Kenya – 2150 – Outreach and reintegration project

75% of the inmates in Kenyan prisons are under the age of 35. The majority of these young people come from broken families and live in poverty. For example, families that are ravaged by domestic violence. The youngsters grow up in an unsafe environment, where they don’t feel any love. It and so easily for them to choose the criminal path at a later age, try to to get out of poverty

On the other hand, many ex-prisoners return to their old lives after their release. They also don’t get a second chance from the society. For example it is extremely difficult for them to find work. Nobody wants to help an ex-con.

With this project in Kenya we want to change this. Together with the local church we visit prisoners on a regular basis. We tell them about Jesus and talk to them about love and forgiveness. Together we look at how we can make a new start.

Outside the prison, we set up small social enterprises in which ex-prisoners can show that they deliver good work and we help them to find work. Together we work on change that is permanent.

I was imprisoned and you have visited Me. Mat.25:36

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